Lat 50.04.30 N
Long 5.41.49 W
Grid IO70db
District of Penwith
5BDXCC 2153


Terry George
Sennen, Cornwall


The Office !

Nice rainbow pitching into the new antenna park ! April 2018

Licensed in 1971, operating from Penberth Cove using arrays of delta loops on lf, strung between trees in the valley and the hilltop. Moved to Trevescan, Sennen in 1982 at a better but very noisy location and continued to chase the rare ones with various wire antennas.
I had the honour of working for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution as Coxswain of the Sennen Cove Lifeboat from 1989 until May 2018. During this time I operated from a very good site overlooking the sea above Sennen Cove... still depicted in some of the images currently on this page.
On retiring from the RNLI in 2018, I have moved back to my original QTH at Trevescan. I have been very fortunate to be able to rent part of the field adjacent to my property from a very kind local farmer and now have an antenna system nearly 200 metres away from the houses and the dreaded VDSL interference !
I have also returned to earning my living in my fishing boat out of Sennen Cove.


Take-off to the north with Cape Cornwall in the distance

80 m Antenna is a 40ft topwire-loaded vertical driving against 200 surface radials. The pole is a fibreglass `Spiderbeam` 60ft model with top 2 and bottom 2 sections removed.
Pole is on a hinged base allowing it to be lowered in the day to reduce visual impact.

160m antenna is a 40ft vertical wire top-loaded with a coil and 4 wire top-hat - with an extensive surface radial system.
40m employs a sloping dipole array.
Wire loops for HF bands.
All hoisted up a 40ft pneumatic mast`as required` like changing sails on a yacht !
A K9AY receiving antenna is also in use - see it on YouTube here !
(Left) 4 element 40m sloper (low feed points) interweaved with 4 element 30m sloper (higher feed points)
Gives decent performance and of course immediate switching on both bands


Take- off viewed from the sea looking just east of south.

2018 160m vertical - wire radiator (sloping to right) top loading coil and 4 wire top hat.

NFD 1977 ! G4CRC/P at St Ives School
FT101ZD, HW100.
An Autek memory keyer which I had bought from the States.
Thanks to John G3UCQ for the photo !

Loops and slopers stored in blue `bongos` and fish boxes ready for hoisting as required.
160m feed point under pink tub with vertical wire stored in green bin.
This all works fine but requires a lot of discipline to store the loops etc correctly, ready to go .... and takes a few minutes to change bands, particularly if it`s windy !

Complete online log back to September 1971 now on LoTW and Clublog.
One current DXCC country needed:- North Korea ... come along Mr Kim.

TX4T on 160 at G4AMT - Youtube
G4AMT on 6m
Youtube video
6m Yagi
Video of VA5DX being received on top band on K9AY rx ant system
QSL address
Terry George. Trevescan, Sennen, Cornwall UK. TR19 7AQ

Regular log updates to LOTW and ClubLog
Happy to QSL direct.

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